Kutchan Shinkansen News

Kutchan Shinkansen News

Mar 23, 2016

The Hokkaido Bullet Train will have it’s first scheduled trip Hakodate Hokkaido station officially on the 26th March 2015. The process of the extension to Sapporo is currently underway and completion of the line is expected in 2031 spring.  

Niseko area which is on the way from Hakodate, is a popular international ski resort that is growing at a rapid rate every year from overseas investments.  The business leaders in Hokkaido claim that they shall open Kutchan station prior to 2031 with talk of a date possibly in ten years.

The opening of the Konbu tunnel for the bullet train line is 8 meters in height and 10 meters wide is located in Kurokawa, Niseko town. The construction is well underway with huge drilling rigs working overtime that cut a distance of between three ~ four meters a day. The tunnel whose whole length will be 10 km, is expected to be completed in 2023.

The Shinkansen is big news for Niseko as it will open up the resort to the domestic market for both summer and winter. It will also open up options for our Niseko visitors for day trips to Sapporo and Otaru for shopping and dining that can be done with ease.

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